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MegaVac™ Mechanical Thrombectomy System


The MegaVac™ Mechanical Thrombectomy System is made up of (3) overarching proprietary technologies:


(1) MegaVac™ Catheter


(2) ThromboWire™ Clot Retractor


(3) SafeSeal™ Technology


Together these technologies work together to retrieve embolic and thrombotic materials; details about each technology below.

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Designed to employ a unique atraumatic funnel tip that functions as an occlusive membrane within the vessel, when deployed the mouth of the MegaVac™Catheter with SafeSeal™ Technology creates a seal and secures its position within the vessel by primarily using the patient’s blood pressure and a small amount of outward radial force.


Working as the mechanical embolectomy element of the system, the primary function of the ThromboWire™ Clot Retractor is to pull thrombus into the funnel mouth of the MegaVac™ Catheter so that it can be removed and used to pull the thrombus up the catheter shaft and into the syringe.

SafeSeal™ Technology

The MegaVac™ Catheter with SafeSeal™ Technology provides simple on/off proximal occlusion of antegrade blood flow.  The funnel tip, when deployed, opens slightly and then uses the patient’s own blood pressure to fully deploy and safely press the silicone coated occlusion funnel to the vessel wall.


Balloons tend to exceed the optimal occlusion pressure as there is no known endpoint for occlusion other than injecting contrast into the vessel (a trial and error approach), hence often times balloons are inflated beyond the optimal sealing pressure to ensure a seal.


With negligible outward radial force there is a lower potential to damage the vessel. Histological sections have shown the MegaVac™ Catheter with SafeSeal™ Technology does not leave any visible evidence that it has been deployed.


The following provides a brief overview of how the MegaVac™ Mechanical Thrombectomy System works:


Position the MegaVac™ Catheter proximal to target clot and deploy. The distal end of the MegaVac™ Catheter with SafeSeal™ Technology occludes the vessel and arrests blood flow. Stoppage of blood flow encumbers clot fragments from traveling downstream, a critical aspect of what makes the MegaVac™ Mechanical Thrombectomy System unique to other therapies.


Once deployed, clot is aspirated through the MegaVac™ Catheter using a VacLok® syringe. Since blood flow has been arrested, the aspiration efficiency is higher than can be achieved with existing technologies and simple aspiration catheters.


If there is residual clot after the initial aspiration, the ThromboWire™ Clot Retractor is inserted through the MegaVac™ Catheter through (distal to) clot and deployed. While aspirating with the MegaVac™ Catheter, the ThromboWire™ Clot Retractor is simultaneously retracted pulling it into the MegaVac™ and out of the body.