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Clinical Need

Current thrombectomy devices use an inefficient suction technique that does not provide for complete clot removal. This technique can ultimately lead to distal embolization and myocardial damage downstream. In fact, the presence of distal embolization was associated with a 3X mortality rate in the recent TOTAL trial subset analysis.


The distinct advantage of the MegaVac™ Mechanical Thrombectomy System is that, through it’s SafeSealTM Technology, by occluding blood flow it limits the potential for distal embolization.


Dr. Jeff Chambers, interventional cardiologist at Metropolitan Heart and Vascular Institute in the Minneapolis area, stated that the MegaVac™ Mechanical Thrombectomy System “removed all visible clot with no distal embolization in less than two minutes’” and that this groundbreaking system is “simple technology that really works”.




MegaVacTM Catheter:


Sheath Compatibility:


Outer Diameter:


Inside Diameter:


Vessel Occlusion:
up to 5mm


Total Length:


Working Length:


ThromboWireTM Clot Retractor:


Working Length:


Outer Diameter:


Crossing Profile: