Capture Vascular | Capture Vascular Announces Result of SafeSeal Testing
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Capture Vascular Announces Result of SafeSeal Testing

Capture Vascular Announces Result of SafeSeal Testing

Capture Vascular’s MegaVac and ThromboWire utilize Capture’s proprietary and patented SafeSeal Technology which exerts negligible outward radial force on the vessel wall. Balloons (even compliant ones) are known to damage vessels because of the excessive outward radial pressure and force that they must exert to overcome the patient’s blood pressure and to occlude flow.

SafeSeal provides negligible outward radial pressure on the vessel wall to occlude flow. The “seal” harnesses the patient’s own blood pressure as the novel design causes the leaves of the funnel to be pressed against the vessel wall, not by excessive outward radial force by a balloon, but by the normal pulsatile pumping of the heart, which is much more physiologic than a constant excessive force from a frequently over expanded balloon.

Since there is negligible outward radial force there is no potential to damage the vessel. Histological sections have shown the MegaVac does not leave any trace that it has been deployed. The MegaVac may provide the “perfect” atraumatic means of occlusion, a large mouth funnel to capture thrombus, and a clot retractor to pull thrombus into the catheter and through the catheter shaft.



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