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The Capture Advantage

PAD Thrombo-lr

Capture Vascular technology is distinguishable from current thrombectomy devices as it does not rely on inefficient clot fragmentation as most current devices do. Instead this system provides ‘en bloc’ thrombus removal with both mechanical traction and vacuum aspiration, essentially functioning as an atraumatic “endovascular Fogarty technique” with added vacuum aspiration.

  • The Capture Vascular Advantage

    • More efficient clot removal: Arresting of blood flow allows for a more focused aspiration because blood is not getting in the way of aspirating the clot. Existing technologies aspirate a large amount of blood along with the clot, making them very inefficient.
    • Less expensive than other mechanical thrombectomy devices: The MegaVac System does not require hospitals to invest in capital equipment control units.
    • Less expensive total procedural costs than simple aspiration thrombectomy catheters: More efficient clot removal translates into time savings, fewer auxiliary catheters, and ultimately cost savings.
    • SafeSeal™ Technology: The occlusion is performed with Capture’s proprietary and patented SafeSeal™ Technology which harnesses the patient’s own blood pressure to create the seal, and not excessive outward radial pressure present with balloon occlusion devices.
    • Complete clot removal: The MegaVac System is the only technology that combines aspiration and retraction of clots. Employing an “endovascular Fogarty technique” plus vacuum aspiration with a large mouth funnel, more clot is removed since the clot is being removed with two different methods at the same time.
    • Prevents/limits distal embolization: The ability to occlude flow proximal to the clot results in arresting of blood flow. Most current devices remove some clot, and once blood flow is restored, much of the remaining clot is simply washed downstream. Since the MegaVac System occludes flow, clot fragments and debris cannot travel downstream. No other thrombectomy technology provides this feature.
    • Self-centering: Prevents catheter opening from sucking up against the vessel wall. Current technologies employ an end-hole/side-hole design that can easily become occluded by the vessel wall once aspiration starts.
    • Ability to deliver other devices: Once thrombectomy is performed, the MegaVac can be left in place and other devices can be delivered through the MegaVac. This enables the physician to aspirate and prevent distal embolization at any point during the procedure.
    • Anchoring capability: Once deployed, the MegaVac acts as an anchor within the vessel, providing additional support and positional stability for advancing guidewires and other devices, which is very important in certain difficult cases.