Capture Vascular | MegaVac Mechanical Thrombectomy System
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Capture Vascular Inc.’s platform technology, the MegaVac™ Mechanical Thrombectomy System, is uniquely designed to remove thrombus and emboli throughout the peripheral and coronary vasculature. This innovative technology offers several unique features in one simple, efficient, and effective device.

A New Standard In Thrombectomy


The MegaVac™ Catheter with SafeSeal™ Technology utilizes minimal outward radial force along with the patient’s own blood pressure to safely seal the target work zone from intervening flow while naturally centering and anchoring within the vessel. The MegaVac™ Mechanical Thrombectomy System allows physicians to work continuously without blood flow interference.


Working as the mechanical embolectomy element of the MegaVac™ Mechanical Thrombectomy System, the ThromboWire™ Clot Retractor is deployed distal to the target lesion and is intended to gather, collect, and retract matter towards the MegaVac™ Catheter. When combined with the large-mouth funnel aspiration of the MegaVac™ Catheter with SafeSeal™ Technology, the system provides a comprehensive approach to the removal of embolic and thrombotic material.


Notable to the MegaVac™ Mechanical Thrombectomy System, the MegaVac™ Catheter with SafeSeal™ Technology creates a wide-mouth channel to address problematic lesions. The large 0.060” internal diameter provides for optimal aspiration and is a smooth conduit for the physician to deliver fluids or to intervene with lesion disruption devices. Due to this wide-mouth channel, the MegaVac™ System is optimized for the retrieval of embolic and thrombotic materials.